Olivia Laing in the New Statesman: “Isn’t the artist also a type of monster: a vampire or del­inquent, like Arthur Rimbaud loaded on absinthe, stabbing Verlaine in a lesbian bar? The monster’s stock-in-trade of transformation, catharsis, revenge, is something like art’s task”.

Will Self in the Guardian:  “I have no time for a patriotism based on delusions – nor am I convinced any more that there’s a residuum of core British values more puissant than those embodied by other nationalisms.”

When the 2011 UK Census was taken, there were only 3,616 black Britons in Northern Ireland (0.2% of the population).

From The Economist (Feb 10, 2014): “In the UK, 48% of black Caribbean men and 34% of black Caribbean women in couples are with partners of a different ethnic group. […] Just 8% of Pakistani men and 7% of Bangladeshi men in couples are with people of a different ethnic group, and the proportions for women are smaller.”

Wisdom from NPR’s Glen Weldon: “There is a beauty in the unexpressed opinion, in being able to articulate why you do not like a thing or do like a thing but not feeling that it is part of your identity to keep saying it. There is a majesty in that restraint, and it’s a learned restraint, because teenagers want to tell you what they think about everything. Being an adult means not harshing people’s mellow by your dumbass opinions. […] How you feel about a TV show is not a hill to die on.”

A brief, unsatisfying excerpt from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s new feminist manifesto.


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