Build a better monster

“The narcissist refuses to accept she can be seen other than as she shows herself: this is what explains why, so busy contemplating herself, she totally fails to judge herself, and she falls so easily into ridiculousness. She no longer listens, she talks, and when she talks, she recites her lines.”

– Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex (1949)

Maciej Cegłowski: “The correct way to play Pac Man, of course, is to consume as much as possible while running from the ghosts that relentlessly pursue you. This was a valuable early lesson in what it means to be an American.”

Paul Graham, who later went on to co-found Viaweb and Y Combinator, decided to study philosophy in college partly to shock people. “Philosophy seemed an impressively impractical thing to do. Sort of like slashing holes in your clothes or putting a safety pin through your ear.”

“For many years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies spied on Albert Einstein, acting on suspicions as disturbing as a tip that he had been a Russian spy in Berlin; as vague as an unease with his support of civil rights and pacifist and socialist causes; and as goofy as claims that he was working on a death ray or that he was heading a Communist conspiracy to take over Hollywood.”

So much depends on a carefree French Bulldog skateboarding in Clissold Park.


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