Everyone needs a hobby. My brother builds model ships, I steal tomatoes from my neighbour’s back garden, and Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley, complains to the Equality and Human Rights Commission that literary prizes discriminate against white writers.

From Yuval Harari’s review of The Knowledge Illusion: “Individual humans know embarrassingly little about the world, and as history progressed, they came to know less and less. […] In one humbling experiment, people were asked to evaluate how well they understood how a zipper works. Most people confidently replied that they understood it very well — after all, they use zippers all the time. They were then asked to explain how a zipper works, describing in as much detail as possible all the steps involved in the zipper’s operation. Most had no idea. This is the knowledge illusion. We think we know a lot, even though individually we know very little, because we treat knowledge in the minds of others as if it were our own.”

From Will Self’s review of Slavoj Žižek’s new book: “Life is, despite all the advances of medical science, still way too short to spend any time reading theoretical gibberish concocted by superannuated Marxists.”

Jerry Salz: “I often think that everyone who isn’t making art is a failed artist, even those who never tried.”

From a review of James Forman’s Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America: “White sociologists invented a new category: black criminality. Black crime was understood to be different from, and more intractable than, crime by poor whites or immigrants, whose misbehaviour could be explained in terms of social causes. ‘White criminality was society’s problem,’ and could be reduced through government policy, while ‘black criminality was black people’s problem,’ reflective of their ‘culture’, if not their biological make-up, and largely impervious to remedy.”


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