From the Sideways Dictionary: Tor is “like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer of browsers. No one can see what you’re watching, and it makes you look cool and enigmatic.”  A botnet is “like a zombie army, full of dead-eyed, half-crazed people obeying the instructions of a remote and unseen master, without realizing they are part of a destructive tribe.” A cookie is “like a barista with a good memory. So every morning when you come in for your decaf soy latte with an extra shot and cream, they nod wearily and say ‘The usual?’ ”

James Joyce was a very naughty boy.

An American organisation famous for supporting homophobia and corporal punishment has launched a magazine for girls who lie awake at night wondering whether it’s OK to pray for their boyfriends. Grab a copy now.

Simon Goldhill: “If we oversimplify history, we will live – as both Cicero and Kant predicted – with the shallow mindfulness of children.”


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