“As of fall 2013, 43% of the 1.5 million faculty who teach at degree-granting postsecondary institutions [in the US] were white males and 35% were white females. The percentages for other racial groups stand in stark contrast to these numbers: Black men, for example, represented 3% of full-time faculty, whereas 6% were men of Asian/Pacific Islander descent. […] Why does American higher education lack diversity?

What do Coco, Rocky, Lola and Max have in common? They’re all popular dog names in New York City.

Carmen Aguirre: “Yes, far too often women who are sexually assaulted are disbelieved. Which is why I understand and see the reasoning behind the ‘I Believe Women’ slogan. It is a powerful statement. It is a strong political position. It is a rhetorical tool, but is not an actual, automatic truth. If we see it as such, it is an inherently tyrannical position that has historically been used to imprison and murder poor men of colour. For these reasons I much prefer ‘I Listen to Women.’ ”

“To the outside world, a moshpit looks like the nonsensical activity of a Neanderthal – which it is.”


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