“I told him I thought Alien 3 was underrated. He looked at me as if I’d brought up a family bereavement.”

Peter Conrad: “Trump is the very epitome of thoughtlessness. Beneath that curvaceous quiff, behind that permatanned pout, his mind is a broiling elemental chaos.[…] In 2013 he proudly retweeted a message that called him ‘the most superior troll on Twitter’: he assumed that he’d been paid a compliment.”

“To celebrate Mother’s Day, KFC published Tender Wings of Desire, a novella following the love affair between Lady Madeline Parker and Colonel Harland Sanders.” What a time to be alive.

Peter Berger on Jewish humour as a marker of sophistication: “I once went on a walk in Tokyo, entered a theater in which one of Woody Allen’s films was playing, in a dubbed Japanese version. The audience was almost all Japanese. They laughed at all the right places. Did they understand the film and know what was funny, or were they coached?”


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