Margaret Atwood on The Handmaid’s Tale: “I put nothing in the book that people have not done.”

Anne Helen Petersen on the decline of white female celebrities: “Image rebrands from Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have flopped. Scarlett Johansson’s last two movies have either flopped (Ghost in the Shell) or underperformed (Rough Night). After the disappointment of Passengers, Jennifer Lawrence has also gone MIA. Angelina Jolie hasn’t starred in a movie since 2015 … Which isn’t to suggest that white female celebrities have disappeared: There are dozens of them, at all echelons of fame, making millions of dollars and attracting devoted fans. But none are ascendant: They’re at a plateau or starting the downswing of their careers, not the beginning.”

Contenders for this year’s Diagram prize for oddest book title: An Ape’s View of Evolution, Nipples on my Knee, Love Your Lady LandscapeRenniks Australian Pre-Decimal and Decimal Coin Errors and The Commuter’s Pig-Keeper.


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