Forrest Wickman on the history of mooning: “According to Josephus’ account in The Wars of the Jews, a Roman soldier bared his rear to an audience of Jews celebrating Passover, and thereby incited a furious riot that killed ‘upwards of thirty thousand.’ However, a closer examination of Josephus’s account shows that the soldier was not mooning the crowd, but rather farting in their general direction.”

Ned Beauman: “There’s something extremely seductive about madness, about the possibility of abandoning all civilisational structures and common sense and plunging into something much darker and more turbid.”

Todd Gitlin on the decline of free speech on American campuses: “The intense hatred of racial ‘microaggressions’ is flourishing just as state and national officials are zealously practicing macroaggressions: infringing on voting rights and progressive advances in criminal justice. While shortsighted activists focus on slights (real, imagined and arguable), the political powers that be are indisputably rolling back equal rights directly and profoundly where most people live — off campus.”


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