Anthony Horowitz: “There is a rigidity in the way we have begun to think and speak. If we step outside certain lines on certain issues, we find not just people disagreeing, but disagreeing to the extent of death threats. When somebody says something untoward in the press, people don’t just say that was a stupid thing to say. They say, ‘Lose your job.’ They want you to never ever have an income again.”

Read Tom Floyd’s Integration is a Bitch, a series of cartoons published in 1969 and based on the author’s experiences as a black employee in a predominantly white workplace.

Claire Messud: “We think kids make up stories and live in a sort of fictional place but that as grown-ups, we tell the truth and live in fact. But, of course, the reality is we take the facts that we know, and then we fill in all the blanks. And what we fill them in with is invented.”


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