“Much of what Americans view as their robust vernacular culture of poetic composition and instruction could easily be decimated with a stroke of a university administrator’s or foundation officer’s pen.

Anjali Enjeti: “Learning about the craft of writing and the business side of publishing can be an outrageously costly endeavor, one that not every writer can afford (or, necessarily, needs).”

At any given time, 80% of Frenchwomen are thought to be on a diet.

Marcus Aurelius: “For with what art thou discontented? With the badness of men? Recall to thy mind this conclusion, that rational animals exist for one another, and that to endure is a part of justice, and that men do wrong involuntarily; and consider how many already, after mutual enmity, suspicion, hatred, and fighting, have been stretched dead, reduced to ashes; and be quiet at last.”


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