Kwame Anthony Appiah: “Achebe was always clear that he saw the task of the African writer in his day as providing a counterblast to the misrepresentation of Africa in the European writings about the continent he had studied in his English literature classes in college. What was missing in all of them, he thought, was a recognition of Africans as people with projects—lives they were leading, aspirations they were striving for—and a rich existing culture, exemplified in the proverbs and the religious traditions that are threaded through his novels. He was writing, as he often said, against the Africa of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.”

“The reward for goodness
is just more goodness
and sometimes not even that.”

Kaveh Akbar

From Language Log: “Calling a storm ‘Harvey’ makes it sound like your friendly uncle who always comes over on the Fourth of July and flirts with your mom. And ‘Irma’ sounds like a dancer that he once knew when he was in Berlin. […] Hurricanes need uglier names. […] Think about it. The state governor tells you a hurricane named Dracunculiasis is coming down on you, you’re gonna start packing the station wagon.”


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