“In an era when all rules seem to be forgotten, the Chicago Manual of Style reemerges to remind us: There are ways to express yourself responsibly.”

Gaston Durren: “Quite a few people in Tamil Nadu in South India used quite literally to consider the Tamil language a goddess, and some still do. And early medieval Irish monks spun this elaborate yarn to prove that Irish Gaelic stood alone: after God had destroyed the Tower of Babel and confused the tongues of man, King Phenius of Scythia travelled thither with his son and 72 scholars. Out of the best elements of all the confused languages they found there, they created a new one: Irish.”

“Counter-terrorist specialists in the west recognise that the ‘Four Lions factor’ – a reference to the 2010 black comedy by Chris Morris that shows the incompetent attempt by a group of Britons to launch a terrorist campaign – is one of the most important defences against attack.”


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