About 9 percent of all tweets today are exactly 140 characters.

“So compressed – so efficient – is late-style [Iain] Sinclair that often he only gives you a scattering of nouns and asks you to fill in blanks for yourself: ‘Ballard. Hitchcock. English vices. Punishment pleasures. Rear Window meets High-Rise.’ It’s flat-pack prose, to be self-assembled by the reader and shot through with the readymade flotsam of Sinclair’s consciousness. Like all true styles it’s infectious stuff. Read a bit of him and you start to think like him. Read too much and you might try to write like him.”

“Traditionally, US book covers tended towards literal interpretation, driven by the complexity of the US market: the image that motivates readers in southern California to pick up a copy of a book is likely to be different to what appeals to readers in South Carolina. As a result, US jackets have tended to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and that does not make for good design.”


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